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Bermuda Marine Forecast

This forecast covers an area out to 25 nautical miles from the coastline
Issued at 11:30 pm - Friday, October 20, 2017
The next scheduled update will be issued at 5:30 am

Marine Synopsis -

High pressure to our north sends fair weather to Bermuda for the next several days. Light to moderate northeasterly winds will shift easterly moderate on Sunday then moderate to strong towards early next week, though likely to stay mainly dry until near mid-week. Mainly moderate seas build rough late in the forecast period.

Tonight -

  Winds north-northeasterly 10 to 15 knots, easing 8 to 12 knots overnight...  Seas inside the reef 1 to 2 ft... Outside the reef 4 to 7 ft, decreasing...  Sunset: 6:41 pm.

Saturday -

  Winds north-northeasterly 8 to 12 knots, gradually veering northeasterly...  Seas inside the reef near 1 ft... Outside the reef 3 to 5 ft...  Sunrise: 7:27 am; Sunset: 6:39 pm.

Sunday -

  Winds northeasterly 10 to 15 knots, veering east-northeasterly and increasing 15 to 20 knots overnight...  Seas inside the reef 1 to 2 ft... Outside the reef 3 to 6 ft, increasing during the night...  Sunrise: 7:28 am; Sunset: 6:38 pm.

Monday -

  Winds east-northeasterly 15 to 20 knots, gradually increasing east-southeasterly 18 to 22 knots overnight...  Seas increasing, inside the reef 1 to 2 ft... Outside the reef 4 to 7 ft...  Sunrise: 7:28 am; Sunset: 6:37 pm.

Tuesday -

  Winds east-southeasterly 18 to 22 knots, veering southeasterly through the day...  Isolated showers develop overnight with fair to poor visibility... Seas increasing, inside the reef 1 to 3 ft... Outside the reef 5 to 9 ft...  Sunrise: 7:29 am; Sunset: 6:36 pm.

Tides at St George's (for Great Sound tides, add 10 minutes):
Low: 3:49 am tonight: 0.4m/1.3ft, 4:31 pm Saturday: 0.4m/1.3ft
High: 10:16 am Saturday: 1.2m/3.9ft, 10:32 pm Saturday: 1.1m/3.6ft
Sea Surface Temperature: 26.1°C/79°F
Meteorologist: Gary Hall, Observer: Chris Black