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At L.F.Wade Int. Airport
Recorded at 12:55 am
Mostly Cloudy
or 1mph
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Island Observations
Bermuda Marine Forecast
Issued At: 11:30 pm Sunday, May 19, 2019
Sea Temp. 
24.5°C / 76.1°F

Marine Synopsis:

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A weak front sinks over our area tonight, however winds will be near calm and variable in direction. A low is expected to form to our southwest some time during Monday and is being monitored for (sub)tropical characteristics. Should this occur, it will soon become absorbed in the active front approaching from the west. This will shred the development and spread the rainfall. Winds are only expected to become strong in association with the descending front and seas remain below 9 feet.
Late night
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
v  5 kts
Monday morning
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
v  5 kts
Monday afternoon
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
E  8-12 kts
Monday evening
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
SE  8-12 kts
Monday In: 0-1ft Out: 2-4ft v 5 kts
Tuesday In: 1-2ft Out: 3-5ft NW 10-15 kts
Wednesday In: 2-3ft Out: 4-7ft NNW 18-22 kts
Thursday In: 2-3ft Out: 5-8ft NNW 18-22 kts
In: = Seas inside the reef.
Out: = Seas outside the reef.
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