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At L.F.Wade Int. Airport
Recorded at 10:55 pm
Few Clouds
or 8mph
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Island Observations
Bermuda Marine Forecast
Issued At: 11:30 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Sea Temp. 
30.2°C / 86.4°F

Marine Synopsis:

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Winds have become southerly, now that the ridge has receded back into the high centre to our distant east. Satellite shows increased convection to our south through southwest and signs that clusters of showers are migrating towards us. A slow moving front presses in, with the remnants of TD Three, and stalls to our near north, aiding the convergence of showers in our area and increasing seas slightly, becoming 6 feet by mid-week.
Late night
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
S  10-15 kts
Wednesday morning
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
S  10-15 kts
Wednesday afternoon
In: 0-1ft
Out: 2-4ft
S  12-18 kts
Wednesday evening
In: 1-2ft
Out: 3-6ft
S  12-18 kts
Wednesday In: 0-1ft Out: 2-4ft S 12-18 kts
Thursday In: 1-2ft Out: 3-6ft S 12-18 kts
Friday In: 1-2ft Out: 3-6ft SSW 12-18 kts
Saturday In: 0-1ft Out: 3-5ft SSW 8-12 kts
In: = Seas inside the reef.
Out: = Seas outside the reef.
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